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Whether you’re still deciding on the right time to move or want to begin searching for your perfect new home, make sure you consider what’s most important in your life. Here are some things to consider when you begin your search:

Making the Move

  • Is the community closely located near your family, medical offices and shopping?

  • How does the community look? Is it well kept and cleanly?

  • How does the staff interact with you during your visit? Did you receive warm greetings when you first arrived?

  • Do the other residents socialize with one another and appear happy and comfortable?

  • Is the community and apartment designed to meet your needs?

  • Are there different options and levels of personal care for any needed extra assistance? Does the community coordinate health care services like nurses, physical and occupational therapy, etc.?

  • What type of care is offered at the community? Are there different levels of personal care available?

  • Are other health care services coordinated at the community, like visiting physicians, nursing staff, etc.?

  • Does the community offer scheduled or personal transportation for their residents?

  • Does the community offer opportunities for organized events and activities that pertain to your interests?

  • Are there different sizes of apartments available? How much space do you need to be comfortable?

  • What is included in the monthly rental rates? Were the financial commitments fully explained to you?